Q: How long is the movie?

A: The movie is approximately 80 minutes long.

Q: Does the movie have a MPAA rating?

A: Obtaining an official MPAA rating is prohibitively expensive for most independent films (about $12,000). This movie contains mature subject matter and fits best with audiences over the age of 16.

Q: Does the movie really help people?

A: This program has been presented to help de-stigmatize mental health issues and bring cultural sensitivity and awareness around Asian American mental health. For over five years the live show and and now the movie have been presented across the United States (Virginia Tech most recently). Click here to find out more.

Q: Is the movie like the play?

A: The movie is a high definition broadcast quality capture of the play in its entirety.  It has visual enhancements and cinematic direction to make it suitable for the screen while not detracting from the critically acclaimed play.  Reviewers have commented that it is "an excellent motion picture of the stage version" (Oklahoma Gazette), and that the direction is "aggressive and dynamic" (Film Threat).  Many theater fans complain that putting stage shows on video produces  static results. Our film is different.  Director Michael Closson skillfully captures all the emotional nuances of the live show while showcasing the vibrant energy with camera movement and dynamic editing. It was shot on four high definition cameras (including one camera on a jib!). This broadcast quality recording looks fantastic on the small or big screens and is ideal for public screenings in theaters, universities, community  groups or professional conferences!  Multiple screening formats are available to meet most theater requirements.

Q: Does Kristina still tour the live show?

A: Kristina is currently touring her two new shows Going Green the Wong Way and Cat Lady. However, if her busy schedule permits, she will present the live version of Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Click here for more information.

Q: Are there other ways to present Kristina's work?

A: The movie is an excellent way to showcase Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. It has successfully been presented as the featured entertainment at seminars and conventions. It has also been screened at charity fundraising events with great success. Kristina may be hired to accompany the movie for Q&As, panel discussions, lectures, etc. Click here for more information.

Q: I'm a high school teacher/ professor at a University or Community College/ School Mental Health Counselor and would like to show the movie in class.  Is that okay?

A: The DVD for sale on Amazon and Google Checkout is for personal use only. Please ask your department head or librarian to purchase the educational DVD which comes with a license to show the movie in academic situations. Click here to purchase the EDU DVD.

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