"Aggressive and dynamic direction..."
-Film Threat

"It’s an excellent motion picture of the stage version."
-Larry Laneer, Oklahoma Gazette

"Wong’s performance is quick and controlled, allowing her to slowly unveil her portrait of madness with such skill, we barely realize it’s happening. "
-LA Weekly

"One of the funniest shows in town … It’s a wild ride, and Wong’s a magnetically energizing artist."
-Don Shirley, LA City Beat

"Raucous and irreverent -that's Wong in a nutshell. "
-The Associated Press

"Solo artist Kristina Wong unveils a string of imaginative surprises as she supposedly examines the high rates of depression and suicide among Asian American women. She darts around this grim subject with the kind of meta-theatrical wit that creates one of the funniest shows in town and engenders a level of audience participation that’s enthusiastic without becoming embarrassing. Then she ends with a sobering coda -- another kind of surprise after all the laughs. It’s a wild ride, and Wong’s a magnetically energizing artist. "
-Don Shirley, LA CIty Beat

"Wong's work is compelling because it is, by turns, confrontational and candid, acerbic and guileless, cartoonish and so razor sharp it draws blood. Plus she masterfully uses ambiguity to provoke thought."
-NY Arts Magazine

"One woman show keeps the laughs coming as it tackles issue of depression."
-Philadelphia Metro

"Wong’s one person show injects her trademark irreverent humor into a work of unblinking social commentary."
-San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Kristina Wong is a fresh and bold new voice-- funny, fluid and wickedly satiric. I'm so relieved she is an Asian-American gal! A Lily Tomlin of one's own."
-Alice Tuan, American Theatre Magazine

"I laughed, I cried, I reassured myself that ‘everything is fine.’ Its an amazing piece and brutally refreshing."
-Coco Papy, Persephone Magazine

"...if a stage show isn’t captured on film most of us would never get to experience some amazing work, so thanks Mike Closson for turning the camera on Cuckoo Kristina and all her nesting on stage! "
-Scott Eriksson, Asians on Fim

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